Alaska's weather


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The weather in Alaska is changeable and unpredictable. In all seasons, it's best to dress in layers and pack wisely. See our 'What to Bring" section for advice. Meanwhile, here is a sampling of what you can expect:


Month Avg High (°F)

Avg Low (°F)

Avg Precip (inches)
Jan 14 -5 1.3
Feb 18 -3 1.5
Mar 27 2 1.1
Apr 38 14 .5
May 50 28 .5
Jun 61 36 1.9
July 64 42 2.1
Aug 60 39 2.4
Sept 50 31 3.2
Oct 33 15 1.5
Nov 20 1 1.2
Dec 15 -3 1.5


It's easy to find out the weather conditions at Rainy Pass Lodge, especially when you know that the Lodge is also a weather station. That's right, several times per day, all year long, the Lodge calls in the weather statistics. Since there is no town nearby or zip code, you just need to know to search for the weather from Puntilla Lake.


The FAA has installed weather cams all over Alaska, and Puntilla Lake is one of them. For a current view, go to Click Camera Sites for a complete list. Scroll down and choose Puntillla Lake to see the latest shots.