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Fall drawing hunt for the iconic Kodiak Brown Bear. The bears are getting ready for hibernation and they typically have nicer coats and weigh more this time of year. Sitka Black Tail Deer is also open and may be added on for a trophy fee of $1000. This drawing hunt for bear is restricted and limited making your chances of drawing very good. We put your name in for the drawing in December and you'll know if you got drawn in February.



Hunt fees include equipped camps, guide services, transportation in the field, meals, and field preparation of trophies. Fees do not include your license, big game tags, transportation round trip to camp from the town of Kodiak ($1000 per person, subject to change), hotel accommodations, before, during, or after the hunt, or gratuities. Weather permitting you will be flown to the cabin the day before your hunt and you will leave the cabin the day after your hunt. Un-Scheduled charters may result in an additional fee. All hunters will be assessed a $200 Hunter’s Preservation Fee. This will be paid with your first payment.

License and big game tag fees:

Non-resident (NR) and Alien (A) license and big game tag fees are set by the State of Alaska and are subject to change. At this time they are as follows: Hunting license (NR)$160 (A)$630, Brown Bear (NR)$1000 (A)$1300, Sitka Blacktail Deer (NR)$300 (A)$400, Mountain Goat (NR)$600 (A)$800.

Payments and Cancellations

A first payment of 50% is required to confirm your hunt with the balance due upon the successful drawing of the permit. Payments must be retained through two full cycles of drawing. In the event of cancellation during the drawing process or upon the successful drawing of the permit, payments are non-refundable as permits are non-transferable as per State Regulation. In the event we must cancel a hunt, due to a failure on our part, the payments shall be returned.

Non-hunting guests:

We welcome your non-hunting guests along to photograph, video, or just tag along to share in your hunt. We do have limited accommodations for this and it must be arranged ahead of time. The cost for a guest is $8,500, the guest may shoot a deer if in season.

Personal Gear:

The preferred calibers for Alaska vary a little by species however, the 300 magnums, are most often carried. For large Kodiak Brown Bear a .375 is the preferred caliber. Please try to limit your gear to a total weight of 75 pounds for the cabin. Hunting gear should include: good binoculars (10x), compact gun cleaning kit, 40 rounds of ammo, day pack large enough for daily personal gear, hunting knife, small flashlight, sleeping bag comfortable to 0 degrees, camera, ankle fit hip boots, climbing boots (optional for Goat), camp shoes, hat with a brim, cold weather hat, warm gloves, top quality 3/4 length rain gear, personal toiletries kit, sunglasses, basic daily hunting clothes (wools or polar fleece) to accommodate dressing in layers as temperatures may fluctuate. It is recommended that you pack this in a soft duffel-style bag for ease of transportation in a small plane. All hunting clothes should be of neutral colors, no fluorescent orange, please. Plan to leave your hard gun case at the charter service or hotel, not carried on the plane.


All hunts are conducted on a fair chase basis in accordance with State of Alaska Hunting and guiding regulations. A State of Alaska Guide/Client hunt record will be signed prior to the start of each hunt. All hunters will need to sign a guide contract within 90 days after we receive your deposit, stating certain specifics of your hunt as required by Alaska state law. We accept a hunter on the following conditions: The Perrins’ Rainy Pass Lodge, L.L.C. and their guides are not responsible for accidents, equipment failure or loss, fire theft, Acts of God or other vicissitudes of nature, or anything beyond our control. We request that you notify us in writing of any medical situations or special medications that you may be taking that could be helpful in case of an emergency, as well as an emergency contact name and phone number. All clients and guests are required to sign an Assumption of Risk form prior to the start of activities. Form may be viewed on our website.