Alaska’s Oldest Hunting Lodge Est. 1937


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Welcome to the perRINS rainy pass lodge

Alaska’s oldest hunting and recreation lodge!

Situated 125 air miles Northwest of Anchorage, Alaska. Visiting the Lodge is like stepping back to a time when all of North America was untouched by man’s hands — wild, magnificent and rugged. The Lodge is your rustic, yet well-appointed, home from which you can hunt, fish, hike, ski, ride horseback, sightsee, view the Iditarod or participate in any number of other activities. The Lodge is an unforgettable setting for special events such as weddings, family reunions, photo safari’s, wine tastings, or corporate retreats. Of course, you can just relax amid the majesty of the Alaska Range. The Perrins family is there to make sure you are comfortable, well fed, and wonderfully worn out at the end of each day.

The perrins family

Steve Perrins (Master Guide #123) came to Alaska in the fall of 1976 to seek his dream of hunting and guiding in Alaska. He was followed shortly after by his fiancé Denise and they were married in the Spring of 1977. They began working for Bud Branhum in 1977 and in February of 2003 Steve and Denise purchased Rainy Pass Lodge and have been keeping its wild Alaska hunting traditions alive. With the help of their five boys (Steve II, Shane, Clayton, Chase, and Colton) and thier families. The Lodge is operated as a premiere hunting base and has been expanded to include summer and winter recreational activities. Buckey Winkley (Registered Guide #34) has been guiding from Rainy Pass Lodge since 1964 and is considered family. Buckey knows the area around Rainy Pass like the back of his hand, and is a true Alaskan huntsman as well as the local museum curator.

Remarkable history

Guided hunts are Alaska’s original tourism industry and Rainy Pass Lodge is Alaska’s oldest hunting lodge! It was commemorated by the Alaska State Legislature in 2012 and has been a hunting lodge since before Alaska was a State. Guided hunts have been in operation there since the 1920’s but It was officially founded in 1937 by Bud Branham, a legend among Alaska’s Master Guides. Vern Humble owned and operated the lodge from 1977 until the Perrins family purchased it in 2003. The Rainy Pass area is very historic as the actual Rainy Pass is one of the lowest passes in that section of the Alaska Mountain Range and was used as a path for sled dogs to bring an anti-toxin to Nome during the 1925 Serum Run. 2017 marked the Lodge’s 80th year. We hope you’ll join us for a truly unique Alaskan experience. Summer, Winter, Iditarod, and Hunting adventures await.