Alaska’s Oldest Hunting Lodge Est. 1937


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Join Our Team

We are a close-knit group and always looking for more people to join our team – our family!  This is a unique lifestyle and work environment with some great benefits.  We require hard working personable and friendly staff with a can-do attitude – our mantra is ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Check out the job descriptions below and email us your resume if you’re interested. 

*The work is seasonal and we may not always be hiring but it’s good to get your resume in for when something opens up.*

HUNTING GUIDE:  We train all our guides in-house to ensure they know the area, the animals, and the level of service we like to offer.  Typically you will start off as a packer for two years, work in the summer and winter seasons to learn more about the operation, and advance your training.  If you have what it takes we will help you get your license and hire you on.  We have a full two-month season in August and September plus some additional options for guiding in May and October.  We have a very high-end clientele that usually tips higher than the industry average and offers other serendipities as well.  We have some of the best accommodations and food of any outfitter and the horses are a huge asset when it comes time to pack out your moose.  Start your guiding career by guiding for Alaska’s oldest hunting lodge!

HEAD COOK/CHEF: We pride ourselves on serving top-tier cuisine for our guests. In Alaska, with the weather and conditions there is often not a lot we can control but what we can control is the food we serve and if that is great, it helps the overall success of our operation. We are looking for someone who can run the kitchen for the months of February and March and then again June through September. We have a menu with tried and true favorites and would be interested in tasting your own recipes as well. You will have help and training in the kitchen but will need to be able to plan meals, plan ahead and order groceries as everything has to be flown-in in advance, keep the kitchen clean and presentable and serve hot tasty food in a timely manner. Being flexible and thinking on your feet is a huge help here as sometimes last minute guests show up or planes get delayed with supplies. Having a great attitude is key as the kitchen often sets the tone for the rest of the lodge. Expand your career and skills by running the kitchen at Alaska’s most historic and premier wilderness lodge.

CARETAKER:  This position is typically best suited for a couple.  We require year-round caretakers but have broken it down into three 4-month segments.  You may apply for any combination of seasons.  The primary tasks are feeding the horses each morning and reporting the weather five to seven times a day for the FAA (studying, passing a test, and becoming certified is required for this), as well as general lodge maintenance of the buildings and generator.  At a remote self-sufficient operation like this, it is impossible
to list all scenarios that may occur.  Having someone who is capable, creative, and can figure out how to make things work until proper support arrives is key.  The lodge is powered by a diesel generator and we have satellite systems for the phone, internet, and tv.  These positions require people who are self-motivated, detail-oriented, and hard workers who can look around for themselves to see what needs to be done to make things better.  Maintenance, mechanical, and cooking skills are very helpful.

OCT – JAN:  This is the quietest time of the year.  Not many guests, but some snow machiners may travel through that require fuel, housing, or meals.  Some guided trips and trapping excursions may occur toward the end of January as well.  Self-entertainment and a good relationship with your partner are key during this time of year.  It is a very peaceful and relaxing time of year.

FEB – MAY:  This is a fun and busy time of year with the winter races that come through our lodge: Iditarod, Iron Dog, and Iditarod Trail Invitational.  Keeping the maintenance going, opening and closing buildings for use, caring for guests, housekeeping and cooking are some of the expanded activities during this time.  We also provide winter tours and ptarmigan hunting.  Additional staff and guides come out to help with these events as well as stock all our out camps and cut firewood for the upcoming season.

JUN – SEP:  This is also a fun and busy time of year with our youth camp for at-risk boys, summer guests in June and July, and hunting season in August and September.  Keeping the maintenance going, caring for our guests, housekeeping, helping with cooking, closing down the buildings at the end of the season, and meat care are some of the expanded activities during this time of year.

Feel free to call us for more details and descriptions of the different seasons and how we run things.  The above descriptions are an example of what goes on at the lodge during those seasons.  A more detailed job description will be discussed in person.