Alaska’s Oldest Hunting Lodge Est. 1937


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Giving Back

Giving back to the community and to the industry is simply the right thing to do for any business. Rainy Pass Lodge could not have been in operation for as long as it has if it wasn’t for proper game management. We have been honored to hunt with three generations of hunters at one time and our goal is to ensure good hunting and prospering game populations for our great grand kids to enjoy. That’s why we give back to support these great organizations who constantly fight for our rights and for the animals we all enjoy.

Guiding Influence

We open our lodge every summer for Camp Iron Sights to bring youth out and teach them about the outdoors and living a positive life. We are also on the Board of Directors for Guiding Influence a non-profit that raises funds for CIS and other life enhancing programs.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

After helping start the local Cook Inlet Chapter of RMEF here in Alaska, Steve Perrins served on the committee for years and has donated in the $75,000 range of hunts and cash.

Alaska Professional Hunter’s Association

It is important to have a voice that represents the professional hunter, non-resident hunter as well as the resident hunter. That’s why the Perrins family has supported the APHA in many ways from fundraisers to serving on the Board of Directors and participating in the Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund.

Safari club international

We have supported SCI through donated hunts, memberships and other forms as well. In 2014 we donated a hunt along with the Legends Consortium which brought in $70,000 at their live auction. We believe it was the highest selling item for that year at the largest hunting show in the world.
Other Supported Organizations