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“Bean Hole” Beans

This Recipe is an old Perrins Family favorite & now a Rainy Pass Lodge tradition on the 4 the of July!!! So let’s all celebrate our Independence Day!!!


Large Bonfire Shovel
Lg. Cast Iron Dutch oven with lid
Chain for lid
Your Favorite Bean Recipe
Aluminum Foil
Wooden Spoon


1. Dig a Hole approx. 2-1/2 ft. deep and 2-1/2 to 3 ft. wide. (Keep the sand/dirt close by that you dig out).
2. Make a Bonfire in the hole and keep it going all day long (need lots of red hot coals).
3. Meanwhile make your favorite baked bean recipe – Put it into a cast iron Dutch-oven. Seal tightly with aluminum foil, then put the lid over the foil.
4. With your shovel, remove half of your coals and set them aside of your hole. Place your Dutch-oven with beans and chain attached to handle, inside the hole and on top of the coals. Cover your pot with remaining coals on top of lid & all around your pot of beans.
5. Shovel the sand/dirt that was removed from the hole, on top of the coals, burying your Dutch-oven &leaving your chain on top to be able to find your lid.
6. Leave buried all night and next afternoon – a good 12 hrs. Carefully dig the dirt away from you
7. Dutch-oven and using pot holders pull your pot out of the hole.
8. With a wooden spoon, taste your beans – Serve and Enjoy!

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