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Cranberry Relish

Making Cranberry Relish is a Perrins’ Family Tradition –Everyone takes a turn cranking the handle on the grinder to make the Relish! It is Fun to make and goes great with your Thanksgiving Feast!!


Hand Crank Nut Grinder *see note below
3 – 4 bags fresh whole cranberries (or frozen)
1 lg. Orange, washed & cut into eighths, not peeled
1 lg. Apple, washed, quartered & cored, not peeled
1 cup Walnuts
2- 3 cups Sugar, depending on taste


1. If you have a grinder, set it up on table, you do not use a fine grind, coarse will do.
2. Place a bowl under grinder to catch juices, and a dish on table under crank to catch the fruit. We start by grinding the cranberries, orange next, then the apple. May need to transfer to a Large bowl as you go.
3. Lastly, we add the Walnuts. Place all in a large bowl and gently mix together well. Now add your Sugar, 2 cups to start, then taste and add 1⁄4 cup at a time. You want it a bit tart, not too sweet!

Enjoy & a Blessed Thanksgiving to All!
Love, The Perrins Family

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