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Steve’s Cosmos

Serves: 2, Maybe!!
This special drink is for all our Michigan Friends who joined us at the Lazy CK Ranch! …you know who you are!! ;-) Hope all others enjoy it as well!!


3 SHOTS VODKA- TITOS preferred
1 shot Cointreau
2 shots Cranberry juice
1 lime, muddled both halves in reamer
including pulp


1. Place 2 Martini glasses in freezer to chill. Sprinkle sugar on small plate to dip rims in.
2. Take Martini glasses out of freezer & rub cut lime around rim to moisten & dip into plate of sugar.
3. Fill shaker with ice, pour all ingredients, except sugar, into shaker – cover and shake vigorously! Strain into Prepared martini glasses!


If not successful, visit us at Rainy Pass Lodge for personal lessons from Master Guide # 123

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