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Kodiak Safaris

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Location: Kodiak Safaris


Location: Kodiak Safaris

This deer species is really fun to hunt by spot and stalk as they are not real spooky at all. You may harvest one or two deer per person depending on population and State Regulations. Populations may change from year to year based on the winter so we'll stay in contact with you to be sure you're coming on a good year and adjust as needed. The Sitka - Blacktail is one of the best tasting deer.

Kodiak Island

There is nothing quite like hunting the Kodiak Brown Bear – The worlds largest brown Bear. On Kodiak, you can stalk in the shadow of ancient volcanoes for the huge Alaskan Brown Bear, one of the world’s highest ranked trophies. It is a joy to watch these big bears come out of their dens in May and even more thrilling to hunt them at close range on the salmon streams in October. Steve Perrins has been hunting Kodiak since the early 1980’s and has had many ten-footers harvested by happy hunters. Below are some highlights to help you fully understand what Kodiak Safari’s is all about.

  • The area we hunt on Kodiak is on State land and has one of the highest concentrations of bears on the island. It is regulated by a drawing system and awards three permits in the spring and four permits in the fall. Alaska does not have preference points, so it is simply a luck of the draw. However, your chances of drawing are very good because to enter the drawing you must have a contract with a guide and each guide may not put in more names than permits available (so three in the spring and four in the fall). This keeps the pool of names small meaning there is a high chance of drawing. There are usually around 10-15 names in the pool and many of our hunters have drawn on their first try. We ask that you commit to two years of drawings if you want to book with us.
  • We have a couple of cabins we hunt out of on Kodiak which is very nice when the weather turns bad – which has been known to happen on Kodiak Island.  A wood stove for heat, a propane stove and grill for cooking, and plywood bunks with foam pads make your stay pleasantly comfortable for your wilderness stay.
  • Sitka Blacktail deer are a great addition to your fall bear hunt or a good stand-alone.  No drawing is needed and these deer are fun to hunt.  They are not used to the hunting pressure of the lower 48 and bow hunting spot and stalk is definitely a realistic option.  The antlers are not huge compared to Mule deer but they have a nice body size and are very tasty.  108 is the all-time entry for Boone & Crockett club.
  • Mt. Goat in our area is on a drawing system but the terrain is not as difficult as you might think.  When you think of Mt. Goat you think of steep rocky terrain but the areas we hunt them are more like rolling grass areas and our success rate is extremely high.  We have good success with bow hunters as well.  We hunt two different areas; one out of a cabin and one out of a spike camp.